Written by Daniel



Image of upRooted

[With only a small inventory left from its original printing, this 2012 album has been marked down to clear out the remaining copies]

What if the person or thing you thought you were helping did not want to be helped? When a man enters the dark depths of a forest to protest logging, equipped only with a phone to light his way, he soon realizes the trees themselves do not want him or his disruptive technology there. Upon his return to civilization, he finds himself out of touch and must reconcile his place in the world among nosy townspeople, a woman hooked to the cyber world, and the trees who haunt him still. Told in a 15-track full-length album that blends hip hop, folk, and spoken word, this musical story explores the relation between nature, technology, and humanity.

PACKAGE INCLUDES: CD of upRooted, cover art/credits, 2-sided poster with art by Kajsa Piatt and a logo designed by Kyle Pherson.

Standard edition comes in a cardboard sleeve with a window showcasing the cover art.
Limited edition (only 3 left!) comes in a cardboard sleeve with a woodcut of the logo hand stamped by Kyle Pherson.